Juice Yourself Happy

Guest Blogger Melanie K talks to MBAC about how and why Juicing is so good for you...

Hi my name is Melanie, I’m a designer, yoga teacher and I love fresh raw juice!

I have done so many juice plans over the years, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, all giving me different challenges but all having fantastic results.

I was so interested in how this huge mountain of fruit and vegetables could make me feel so different, I needed to know more, so I enrolled on a Natural Juice Therapy course.

I don’t know what I expected, but boy was it hard!

I was thrown into Biology and Anatomy & Physiology for the first time in my life, chemistry and physics had been my GCSE choices.

I learnt so much about all things juice, that I knew I needed to make it a permanent fixture in my daily food intake.

Maximum nutrition for minimum digestion gives our bodies time to do all the other tasks its required to do, and not spend the entire time digesting all the food we regularly consume.

I made the decision that juice was going to be our daily breakfast choice, obviously there are odd days where this isn’t possible, but if a fresh raw juice is available, we are drinking it.

Then when I felt like I needed an extra boost I would have a ‘juice only’ day, or do a full 5 day plan if I felt like I needed a real boost.

I had tried so many different recipes over the years, learning what went well together and what didn’t!

I think most people who have a juicer tucked away at the back of a cupboard have probably thrown in a mixture of fruit and veg, looked at the pond water coming out, taken a deep breath, tasted it, poured it down the sink and placed the juicer in a cupboard never to be seen again!

Its all about finding recipes that taste great and I have put together delicious recipes for you to create in my 5 Day Juice Plan.