The Language Of Colour

I want to talk about the c word...and I mean colour ;-)

How’s your relationship with colour?

If you find yourself avoiding colour or wanting to use it more but not really knowing how to, or why you shy away from it. Or maybe it feels scary and overwhelming. I want you to know you’re totally normal.

And there are very good reasons for it.

Some based on how society had come to value colour and some much more fundamental to who we are.

It’s massively important for our wellbeing...and this is why we all need it in our lives.

Here’s a different way of thinking about it... colour is the language of our emotions.

Imagine living without some of our emotions?

No wonder it can all feel a bit full on for lots of us!

Loads of us in general aren’t that good at understanding and leading with our emotions. Most of us have been brought up to hide, ignore and shut down how we feel.

You're not scared of blue or red or orange...but you may be feeling overwhelmed of the emotions it evokes in you or for you.

This can come from stories you’ve created in your life about certain colours and it also has to do with how all of our brains instinctively understand colour. Most of this happens below the surface.

You subconsciously react to colours and you feel them way before your rational thinking brain gets involved. Before you bring in all the ‘shoulds’ and ‘buts’ and ‘what ifs’

There is also so much confusing and misguided info out there which doesn’t help.